Introducing the WORLD’S HEAVIEST Adjustable Dumbbell?

Written by: Kareem Raslan



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We’re always looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible at BRAINGAIN and today we’re putting the BRAND NEW BRAINGAIN 45kg Adjustable Dumbbells under the spotlight - the WORLDS HEAVIEST Adjustable Dumbbell. 

What makes them so special?


Since we started in 2020, BRAINGAIN has been on a journey to push the boundaries in the home gym and adjustable dumbbell space. We were told repeatedly by our Engineering department that 40kg was the HEAVIEST an Adjustable Dumbbell could go…we didn’t take no for an answer and after 2 years of development…the 45kg Adjustable Dumbbell has been created!

Heaviest weight in the world

The BRAINGAIN 40kg First Generation Adjustable Dumbbell and 40kg Octagon Adjustable Dumbbell have been our most popular adjustable dumbbells , however our community have regularly said that a HEAVIER weight was needed! We scoured the market to find a heavier adjustable dumbbell  and after years of searching, we decided to create our own.

Handle Length

The first defining feature of the BRAINGAIN 45kg Adjustable Dumbbell is that the length of the handle changes depending on the weight selected - choosing 4.5kg has a significantly shorter length than 45kg which makes it more versatile when doing certain exercises here you really want to maximize range of motion or isolation exercises like bicep curls, shoulder presses, lateral raises.

Handle Length

The BRAINGAIN 45kg Adjustable Dumbbell is the ONLY adjustable dumbbell on the market that has this feature at this weight option, with the alternatives being manual loadable weights which are bulky and time consuming. 


Simply twist the handle and the smart tech mechanism picks up the exact number of plates for the weight you’ve selected. The safe lock technology means the weight can only be changed when the adjustable dumbbells are in their cradle which ensures 100% safety.

The mechanism on the 45kg Adjustable Dumbbells is a significant improvement on the old style spin lock adjustable dumbbells and other adjustable dumbbell mechanisms on the market. The mechanism allows you to effortlessly change the weight in 2-5 seconds vs other adjustable dumbbells which are closer to 10-15 seconds. 

45 Handle

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The BRAINGAIN 45kg Adjustable Dumbbells comes in 4.5kg increments, from 4.5kg to 45kg, all at the twist of a handle. This is the equivalent of 9 pairs of dumbbells in 1 making them a great time, space and money saver. 

Dumbbell Increments


The BRAINGAIN 45kg Adjustable Dumbbells have been built to cater for both the commercial and home market, which leads to a higher quality and more durable design mechanism that is designed to withstand multiple users a day. The 45kg Adjustable Dumbbell comes with the BRAINGAIN 12 month warranty, with an option to extend should you choose! 

We would however say - as with any adjustable dumbbells - these are not designed to be dropped or thrown down unlike fixed weights in the gym.


The heaviest weight on the market, premium quality, improved mechanism and overall design of the 45kg Adjustable Dumbbells  make them one of the best, if not the best, adjustable dumbbells on the market. At BRAINGAIN we will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible and this wouldn’t have been possible without the feedback from our community.